Onyx: An Ode to the Mystical Beauty

Rainbow Oynx

Onyx is a semi-precious natural stone celebrated worldwide for its unique patterns and translucency. Lately, it has become a highlight in the modern residential and commercial interior design. In this blog, let us unravel the beautiful layers of this precious stone.

The emergence of onyx

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The formation of onyx is quite different from other natural stones like marble, granite, or quartzite. While the latter are materialized deep within the Earth’s crust, onyx is formed on the surface as calcite-rich spring water or groundwater gushes out of the Earth’s surface and leaves behind several layers of minerals that settle and develop into wonderful calcite crystals over millennia.

Onyx can also be found in caves or bedrock crevices and is microcrystalline in structure, meaning its crystals are too small to be visible to the naked eye.

A translucent beauty with wide-ranging designs

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Onyx comes in a spectacular variety of colors and patterns that reflect the changes in the water flow and the presence of minerals along with calcite. For instance, the most common yellowish brown-hued onyx gets its beautiful color from iron oxide. It also comes in gentle pastel shades of white, golden, beige, and amber, as well as brilliant hues of blue Onyx, pink, green, red, and purple that can blend with any decor style.

Every slab of onyx features exotic patterns such as veins, bubbles, and swirls in mesmerizing contrasting hues that can fill up the void for any art piece in your room.

Onyx allows light to travel through its surface, making it an ideal material for ambient lighting. Under or backlighting onyx surfaces in your accent tile or countertop can magnify the brilliance of its veins, creating a mystical luminescence in the ambiance.

Ivory Onyx and Velluto Onyx are good examples if you are looking for a translucent material. Velluto onyx is also known for its unique velvety texture.

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Is “Marble Onyx” a marble?

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Today’s misinterpretation of “onyx” begins with the name, which relates to two very different rock varieties. One type of onyx is the black-and-white veined siliceous rock made up of cryptocrystalline quartz (a form of chalcedony).

The second type is the calcareous variant known as “Marble Onyx,” which has veins similar to marble, and often translucent.

Marble and onyx both are a form of calcite. However, “marble onyx” is one of the most expensive varieties of its kind and is more translucent than marble. Moreover, marble onyx is a sedimentary rock whereas marble is a metamorphic rock.

How durable is onyx?

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Onyx is a highly delicate surfacing material; it requires extra attention while installing since it is prone to chipping. However, for better functionality, it is usually toughened with a backing of fiberglass mesh material or resin.

It is prone to etching, and staining if not handled carefully. Nevertheless, with proper maintenance, you can enjoy its exclusive charisma for many seasons.

We always recommend our clients to reseal their onyx surfaces once or twice every year. Onyx reacts in contact with acidic substances such as vinegar and lemon and can etch easily. In case of accidental spills or stains, it is important to use mild PH-based soaps and soft brushes for cleaning. Moreover, you should avoid cutting or chopping directly on your onyx countertop as it can damage the stone’s surface.

Onyx it up: Create a place of glamor and opulence

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The captivating aesthetics and versatility of onyx have piqued the interest of modern designers as they set new trends with its applications in their luxury projects.

There are numerous ways to glam up your space with this wonderful material. Backlit translucent onyx, for instance, can create a stunning backdrop as an accent feature in your living rooms, entrances, and bathrooms with its ethereal glow adding a graceful depth to the place.

Some of the popular uses of onyx include glow-up bar top, vanity, backsplash, wall cladding, and fireplace surround. Onyx slabs are available in both vein cut and cross cut with polished and honed finishes. Vein cut onyx slabs offer a harmonious flow of its veins whereas cross cut onyx surfaces create magnificent abstract patterns.

Onyx is regarded mostly for decorative purposes and incorporating it in low-traffic areas of a place will bring out its true essence.

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