Quartz: The Next Big Trend in Interior Design


While searching for the best countertop material for your house, you might have come across quartz. Often confused with quartzite, quartz is an engineered surfacing material that is a real head-turner for a number of reasons. Let’s find out.

A Man-made marvel

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It all started in Italy in the early 1960s when a company recognized the potential of technological advancement in creating composite or engineered surfaces that can create aesthetics similar to natural stones while being stronger and more efficient. Thus, engineered quartz came into existence.

Quartz slabs are manufactured with quartz-rich stone materials (93%) bound together using binders (7%) like resin or other additives and pigments and put under intense heat and compression to form a dense, smooth surface.

Quartzite and Quartz are not the same

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Clients often confuse quartz with quartzite or vice versa. While both quartzite and quartz are composed of the mineral quartz, the primary difference between the two is that the former is a natural stone and the latter is a man-made.

“Organic” Aesthetics

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What makes quartz an irresistible choice for a surfacing material is its broad selection of colors, patterns, and even textures. As a composite stone, the material is artificially pigmented and available in all trendy colors ranging from cozy pastel to bold hues that can easily complement your existing decor style without requiring other aspects to be changed for a makeover.

Quartz comes with eclectic patterns that look exactly like natural stones – be it marble-like elegant veining or granite-like speckled designs, making it a strong competitor to natural stone surfaces. When it comes to textures, quartz is not limited only to gloss finishes. Quartz slabs are available in honed finish for a matte look, embossed finish for a soft textured feel, and sandblasted finish for a little rough surface.

More Durable than Natural Stones

Engineered quartz surfaces contain quartz, one of the hardest minerals on Earth, which lends greater strength to the material. Quartz slabs are engineered to be extremely durable; they do not chip or scratch easily. Thus, incorporating quartz in your interiors is definitely a long-term investment.

Hygienic and low maintenance: Quartz is perfect for those who do not want to put in extra work maintain their countertops or flooring. Being a non-porous material with an ultra-smooth surface, quartz is highly resistant to stains as it does not absorb liquids. You can easily clean the stone with mild soap, and water.

Quartz does not support the growth of bacteria, mold, or mildew, which makes it a perfect surface for kitchen countertops. Moreover, it does not require sealing like other natural stones.

More than Just Countertops

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While quartz is an on-demand material for countertops thanks to its impeccable durability, the surface has more potential to become a countertop in your house. Manufacturers are constantly coming up with fresh patterns and colors, allowing you the creative liberty to design your interiors as you please.

Quartz makes a great match for floorings, bathroom walls, and backsplashes, and can invoke a sense of uniformity with its perfect designs. It is also an economic alternative to marble stone, given that it is more affordable than marble surfaces but provides the same aesthetics. Therefore, you can certainly go for quartz if you want to create a sleek and luxurious story.

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Things to consider when choosing quartz for your home

Does not thrive well outdoors: There is no denying that quartz adds beauty as well as functionality to a space. It does, however, have limitations. Quartz can not endure direct sunlight as UV rays can cause damage to the polyester resin used in its manufacturing. Prolonged exposure to direct sun can lead to discoloration and warping of the surface.

Less resistant to heat: Quartz surfaces can withstand temperatures of up to 150 degrees. Higher temperatures can cause serious surface damage because the heat will burn the resin. This is why we recommend using metal trivets to place hot pots or pans on top of your quartz countertops.

Now that you have learned about quartz, don’t you agree with us that quartz is worth the try? The stone is as good as marble with its chic look and strength.

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