Pink Onyx

Book Match 118 X 55 2CM Polished

Pink Onyx is a striking and elegant natural marble stone that embodies a sense of luxury and sophistication. This exquisite onyx variety showcases a palette of soft pink hues that range from delicate pastels to deeper rose shades; some blocks often feature beige, white and golden tones. Its translucent surface features intricate veining and swirling patterns, reminiscent of flowing water or the graceful strokes of an artist’s brush, creating an enchanting visual display. Sourced from select quarries around the world, including Turkey, Iran; Pink Onyx possesses a unique translucency that sets it apart. When thoughtfully backlit, it takes on a radiant, rosy glow, casting a warm and inviting ambiance that transforms any space into a sanctuary of serenity and beauty. Pink Onyx finds its place as a show-stopping centerpiece in various interior applications, from countertops and bathroom vanities to wall cladding and decorative features. Its exceptional ability to infuse spaces with a sense of elegance, romance, and timeless beauty makes it a prized selection for those who desire to elevate their living spaces with the exquisite allure of pink tones and the enchanting luminosity of translucent stone.