How to Identify Different Types of Calacatta Marble?

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When we think about marble, the first picture that comes to our mind is a brilliant white surface with delicate veining that can transform ordinary spaces into luxurious interiors. While all marble across the world are formed the same way, they bear some unique characteristics by which we can differentiate them. 

Italy is the birthplace of some of the most premium marble varieties that have been quarried for generations to construct majestic castles and palaces. In this blog, we will look at one of the most sought-after Italian marbles: Calacatta. We will explore some of the classic and trending colors in Calacatta marble and touch upon their characteristics.

What Is Calacatta Marble? 

In the lush green Apuan Alps mountain, near the Carrara region in Italy, rests a rare variant of marble that formed through the metamorphic transformation of limestone over centuries. The stone, which sparked creativity in ancient Roman architects and sculptures with its unmatched beauty, is what we know today as Calacatta marble. 

The marble exudes elegance and warmth in any setting with its ivory white background adorned with a smooth flow of veins in captivating hues of taupe, gold, and rusty orange. Its brilliant aesthetic and superior quality make Calacatta marble a desirable choice for creating luxurious kitchen countertops, islands, vanity tops, and accent features. 

Do All Calacatta Marbles Look the Same?

Absolutely not! When we say Calacatta marble, we refer to a group of marbles that are quarried from Carrara and share similar characteristics in terms of both appearance and texture. But, it does not mean that all Calacatta marbles look the same. 

As a natural stone, the colors and patterns of Calacatta marble are significantly influenced by its mineral deposits and the duration of its metamorphic process. As a result, different quarries in Carrara yield different varieties of Calacatta, each with unique veining colors and patterns.

Let’s Learn about the Most Popular Varieties of Calacatta Marble:

Calacatta Borghini Marble

It is a famous name in the Calacatta category. The marble boasts two different looks – one has a soft white background accentuated with gold hues and the other flaunts a white background with grey veins. There are also two types of veining patterns you can find in Calacatta Borghini: open veins, and brecciated or lacy patterns.


Calacatta Borghini is a great choice for giving your interiors a characteristic depth by pairing its bold accent with earthy or soft-toned elements. You can also create stunning bookmatch backsplashes or fireplace surrounds with this marble.

Our inventory houses three different swoon-worthy patterns in the Borghini series: Calacatta Borghini, Calacatta Borghini Wow, and Calacatta Borghini Extra

Calacatta Gold Marble

You have probably heard of this name as it is commonly used as a commercial term by marketers to classify a certain type of Calacatta marble. Calacatta Gold varieties boast a brilliant white background with thick taupe veining mingled with deep gold or honey accents. 

Calacatta Gold Marble

At Ultra Stones, we have three varieties of this marble: Calacatta Gold Top in classic gold-toned taupe hues, Calacatta Gold Wow which flaunts broad veining in humble taupe, and Calacatta Gold Extra comes with occasional streaks of deep grey.

There is no specific quarry that produces this marble; rather, well-known quarries like Bettogli, Borghini, and Vagli frequently produce Calacatta Gold varieties. 

Calacatta Vagli Marble

Named after the Vagli town of Tuscany, Italy, where this popular variety of Calacatta marble is quarried. Arabestcato Vagli and Calacatta Vagli are two varieties that quarries produce.

Calacatta Vagli Marble

While Arabescato Vagli exhibits a white background with grey veins, Calacatta Vagli has a creamy white background with gold veins. Check out our Calacatta Vagli and Calacatta Vagli Oro to elevate your interiors with a minimalistic marble twist as a side table, or standalone bathtub.

Calacatta Bettogli Marble

It is another precious gem in the treasure trove of the Calacatta series, prized for its unique aesthetic with angular open veins in soft taupe to dark grey hues and occasional rusty gold undertones.


Create an elegant statement kitchen by pairing Calacatta Bettogli marble countertops with sage green, bluish grey, or wood finish cabinets and shiny brass faucets. Besides, you can also use this premium marble for flooring and wall cladding.

Calacatta Monet Marble

Sourced from Vagli, Italy, Calacatta Monet is another coveted name in the Calacatta series. The marble offers a beautiful off-white background mottled with intricate patterns in hues of olive black, soft grey, yellow, and green.

Calacatta Monet Wow Marble

The artsy thin veining of this marble resembles the impressionist art style of the famous French painter: Claude Monet, after whom the marble was named. Elevate your space and add creative depth to your interior design with our exquisite Calacatta Monet Wow marble. 

Calacatta varieties are indeed expensive due to their rarity, stunning appearance, and exceptional quality. However, the price of each type can vary based on several factors. Incorporating any of these Calacatta marbles into your residential or commercial space will undoubtedly increase the overall value of your property.

Calacatta Paonazzo Marble

The word “Paonazzo” refers to the color purple as Calacatta Paonazzo showcases dark blue to purple veins on a gold-tinted white background.

Calacatta Paonazzo Marble

Unlike other Calacattas, its veins are thinner and woven into weblike patterns with rusty brown overtones here and there across the surface. Another variation comes with a pure white background encrusted with purple to olive green veins.

Calacatta Paonazzo marble is highly sought-after because of its dramatic and sharp features. It immediately grabs the attention of every interior design enthusiast. Create a lavish kitchen and washroom with Calacatta Paonazzo countertops, waterfall islands, vanity tops, and shower walls. 

Calacatta Macchia Vecchia Marble

The marble has earned its name because of its exceptionally bold appearance. The word “macchia Vecchia” roughly translates to “old spot.” However, in the context of natural stones, it refers to the aged beauty of marble.

Calacatta Macchia Vecchia Marble

Each slab of Calacatta Macchia Vecchia marble encapsulates the essence and eternal beauty of mother nature as it evolves with time. 

The marble boasts a creamy white background with gold overtones and prominent veining in brilliant shades of grey, gold, and rusty brown. The exotic appearance of Calacatta Macchia Vecchia can go hand in hand in creating both traditional and contemporary interior styles. 

Calacatta Viola Marble

A brilliant white background with deep purple to wine-colored veins weaving into intricate breccia patterns are what make Calacatta Viola stand out among other Calacatta varieties.

Calacatta Viola Marble

It is mostly quarried in the Vagli area, Italy. This marble has earned its name from its rich violet patterns that look luxurious in any setting.

Add versatility and a sense of movement to your space by using this exquisite piece of marble as kitchen countertops, backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, and even a bookmatch accent wall.

Furthermore, you can use Calacatta Viola as a coffee table top, bathtub, or other accessory pieces like a flower vase to create a focal point in your minimalist setting.

Calacatta Turquoise Marble

A new edition to the Calacatta marble family, Calacatta Turquoise is quarried in Tuscany, Italy. It flaunts an oyster-white background adorned with regal greenish-blue patterns. The marble makes a perfect choice for creating a focal point in your interiors.

Calacatta Turquoise Marble

Have this marble as your countertops, and backsplash and pair it with deep turquoise, ivory, or mid-tone wood finish cabinets to give your kitchen a sophisticated look. 

Calacatta Corchia

Last but not least, Calacatta Corchia marble is another stunning breccia variety of Calacatta Marble. Its striking patterns in deep bluish-grey and rusty gold hues against a creamy white background look captivating. You can flaunt this beautiful piece of nature as high-end countertops, flooring, and wall cladding, creating a luxurious sanctuary for yourself.

Calacatta Corchia

Want to explore more colors in the Calacatta series? check out our selection of beautiful colors in Calacatta marble in Pennsylvania and New York at Ultra Stones. Feel free to write your thoughts on our blogs at [email protected].

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