CEU Course for architects & designers

Natural Stone Principles

This one-hour course is your introduction to using natural stone as a building material. By reviewing the fundamentals of its formation and mineral composition, you will gain confidence in specifying this versatile material.

Let us open your eyes to the endless possibilities for these beautiful, durable and valued natural stones.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss our innate connection to Mother Nature’s oldest building material.
  2. See the journey stone takes from quarrying, to fabrication, to final installation.
  3. Understand how mineral composition and formation determine stone type, fundamental properties and applications.
  4. Be inspired by traditional and innovative uses of natural stone in the built environment.

Natural Stone Resources Handout | Natural Stone Species Handout | Program Length: 60 minutes

AIA Course Number: NSI30, 1 LU|HSW; IDCEC: CEU-110432, Subject Code: 5.3, 0.1 HSW CEU; LA CES Course Number: NSI30, 1.0 HSW PDH; NKBA: 0.1 CEU

CEU Course for architects & designers

The Art of Specifying Natural Stone

This one hour session is designed to give architects and designers an overview of how to specify natural stone.  There are many factors to consider to ensure you are choosing the proper material for your project.  What do you need to know about its species, color variations, and finish possibilities? Is the quarry able to produce the sizes and quantities you need? And finally, what factors affect the price of the stone you specify?Get the resources you need to help ensure the stone you choose meets the standards and design intent set for your application.

Learning objectives include:

  1. Discuss the responsibilities and liabilities of each pillar in the typical construction project.
  2. Review resources to find more information about natural stone standards.
  3. Learn how to plan for the longevity of an installation by specifying appropriate materials.
  4. Evaluate factors specific to the price of different materials, finishes and methods.

AIA Course Number: NSI44, 1 LU|HSW | IDCEC Course Number: 104505-R2, Subject Code: 6.1, 0.1 HSW CEU | LACES Course Number: NSI13, 1.0 HSW | NKBA: 0.1 CEU

Pietra Grey Quarry

Why Choose Natural Stone

With so many building materials on the market today, this course will remind you why architects and designers keep choosing natural stone for their projects. Throughout history we’ve seen natural stone used in iconic structures symbolizing strength and permanence. New materials strive to mimic its beauty, but genuine natural materials connect us with our planet and its future in a unique and undeniable way. Its inherent durability allows stone to perform impeccably in commercial and residential applications, interior or exterior. New technologies are also keeping stone a front runner with innovative interior design trends by introducing new textures and patterns.

AIA Course Number: NSI20, 1.0 HSW/LU; IDCEC (ASID, IDC, IDEC, and IIDA) Course Number: 106930, Subject Code: 5.3 , 0.1 HSW CEU; LACES (ASLA, CSLA, CELA, CLARB, LAAB, LAF) Course Number: NSI20, 1.0 HSW/LU; NKBA Course Number: 0.1 CEU​