Retro Petrified Wood Black

Retro Petrified Wood is a captivating masterpiece that offers a window into the Earth’s ancient history. With rich, warm, earthy brown tones and intricate grain patterns that resemble the fossilized remains of ancient trees, this stone evokes the enchanting beauty of forests long past. Its wood-like details, captured in stone, are like a glimpse into the primordial past, a journey through time. More than just a surface, the Retro Petrified Wood is a testament to the Earth’s enduring legacy. These slabs serve as focal points in interior design, gracing countertops, tabletops, and wall applications with their captivating presence. They introduce an element of natural wonder and rustic elegance to your living spaces, connecting you to the ancient history of the world and enveloping your surroundings in a sense of timelessness and fascination. Retro Petrified Wood is not just a stone; it’s a portal to a bygone era, inviting you to explore the Earth’s remarkable journey.

SKU Size Thickness Finish
PS5510 130 X 65 2CM Polished