Crystal White Quartz

Crystal White Quartz is a testament to the timeless allure of pure, pristine beauty. With its crisp and immaculate white surface, it exudes an air of elegance and sophistication. This precious stone showcases a sense of purity that is reminiscent of freshly fallen snow or the glistening clarity of a mountain stream. Its surface sparkles with crystalline particles that create a luminous effect, capturing and reflecting light like a myriad of delicate gems. More than a mere surface, the Crystal White Quartz is a masterpiece of nature that graces countertops, vanities, and a range of interior applications. It introduces an element of refined luxury and an atmosphere of pristine beauty into your living spaces, elevating the aesthetics and creating a sense of timeless elegance. These slabs are a tribute to the Earth’s inherent beauty, offering a connection to the natural world and an opportunity to envelop your surroundings in a tranquil and sophisticated ambiance.

SKU Size Thickness Finish
PS5501 132 X 68 2CM Polished