Blue Tiger Eye

A Blue Tiger Eye Precious Stone slab is a truly extraordinary work of nature, characterized by its captivating play of colors and distinctive shimmer. With its deep, enchanting blue tones, this stone evokes the serene and hypnotic beauty of a calm sea. The stone features chatoyancy, a fascinating optical effect that creates a striking band of light that dances across its surface, much like the play of light on water or the fiery gaze of a tiger. These slabs are not just surfaces; they are masterpieces of nature, showcasing the Earth’s artistic prowess. They find their place as striking focal points in interior design, gracing countertops, tabletops, and wall claddings with their mesmerizing presence. The Blue Tiger Eye brings an element of mystique and elegance to your living spaces, casting an enchanting and captivating aura that is reminiscent of the natural wonders of the world.

SKU Size Thickness Finish
PS5512 120 X 62 2CM Polished