Jade Onyx

Book Match 115 X 49 2CM Polished

Jade Onyx, a truly mesmerizing and exotic natural stone, beckons with its rich and alluring green hues reminiscent of the most precious of gemstones, jade. This extraordinary onyx variety unveils a spectrum of very light green and ivory shades, ranging from emerald to soothing celadon, all set against a translucent backdrop. Its surface is adorned with intricate veining, resembling the natural patterns found in jade or the ethereal tendrils of verdant foliage, creating a visual masterpiece. Harvested from select quarries around the world, including Iran, Jade Onyx boasts a unique and captivating translucency. When gently backlit, it reveals its inner luminance, casting a soft, green-hued radiance that infuses any space with an aura of serenity and opulence. Jade Onyx finds its place as a focal point in various interior applications, from countertops and bar tops to wall cladding and decorative accents. Its exceptional ability to evoke a sense of luxury and natural beauty makes it a coveted choice for those who wish to elevate their living spaces with the exquisite allure of green gemstone tones and the enchanting luminosity of translucent stone.