Jurassic Travertine

Pattern Thickness SIZE Finish
Book Match 2 CM 117 X 60 Polished

Quarried in the beautiful landscape of Kerman Province, Iran. Jurassic Traonyx stone has a surface composed of marble and travertine that passes through light marble layers which amplifies the beauty of this stone. This stone has emerged from alteration of limestones. Traonyx is Limestone-Travertine and is also considered a metamorphic sedimentary rock. It is entirely made up of carbonated minerals, and its main minerals include Calcite, Aragonite, and Iron carbonate. These blocks are cut in veincut form in which, the veins and layers and variety of colors in texture of the stone create a very beautiful appearance for the fans of natural and pristine landscapes. This stone is beautiful and strong enough to be used in both interior and exterior places. It has high heat resistance and water absorption is low hence. This stone is especially good for Wall and floor applications, countertops, mosaic, fountains, pool and wall capping, stairs, window – sills and other design projects.