Caraibica Blue

Bookmatch 121 X 75, 121 X 80 2CM, 3CM Polished

A Caraibica Blue Calcite stone slab is a magnificent natural work of art that originates from the enchanting region of the Dominican Republic in the  Caribbean. This stunning slab is a testament to the geological wonders of the Caribbean, known for its crystalline waters and breathtaking landscapes. The mineral composition of Caraibica Blue Calcite primarily consists of calcium carbonate, a common element in calcite stones. However, what sets it apart is the infusion of trace minerals, such as copper and manganese, which imbue it with its mesmerizing shades of blue, reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea itself. The swirling patterns and gradients within the slab create a sense of depth and movement, making each piece utterly unique. This rare and exquisite natural creation not only serves as a striking centerpiece in architectural and interior design but also holds the metaphysical qualities associated with calcite, believed to promote serenity, clarity, and effective communication. Whether used as a countertop, wall panel, or decorative element, a Caraibica Blue Calcite stone slab is a true treasure from the heart of the Caribbean, bringing the beauty of the region’s landscapes into your living space.