Ultra Stones, is one of the premier distributors out of Long Island for Natural Stones and Engineered Stones such as Marble, Granite, Onyx, Qaurtzites, Semi-Precious Surfaces and Quartz. We share a great passion to serve Natural Stone Industry by importing excellent quality products and by providing the best customer service. We have a state of the art showroom and warehouse located in Farmingdale, NY for fabricators and Homeowners. Here we offer a wide range of finest imported natural stones. We have a collection for over more than 300+ colors in variety. All of our material is Quality Inspected and meets Industry Standards.

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Cool White background and subtle grey veins is a typical characteristic of Dolomitic stones. In appearance they resemble very much like marble but are very dense and strong in structure, minimizing the effects of staining and etching. The combination of aesthetic appeal and better performance than marble is increasingly making the Dolomite a popular choice for countertops.



Dazzling swirly veins with exquisite patterns and infusion of multiple color palette is best way to describe an onyx slab. Onyx is the most glamorous material and can elevate to any interior space. It has crystalline composition and is translucent as well, depending on the purity of onyx the degree of translucency may vary. Projects with onyx are most opulent and unique.